Nov 21, 2023

The Cheapest Beer in Europe? You Won’t Find Czechia in the Top 10 Anymore

If you’re a fan of draft beer and find the prices in the Czech Republic too high, head to Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, or Romania.

While in local pubs in July, the price averaged around 54 crowns, according to data from the Dotykačka cash register system, in the above-mentioned neighbouring countries it ranged from 25 to 40 crowns.

It has become almost a tradition that during the summer months, the Czech Republic, especially Prague, is flooded with tourists from the Nordic European countries, not for sightseeing, but for cheap beer.

However, if they were to read the comparison of prices for a pint across Europe, compiled by the British tabloid Daily Mail, they would avoid the Czech Republic in the future and find alternatives elsewhere.

The UK’s widely read newspaper has come up with a comparative map of pint prices across Europe and has compiled a top ten.

The cheapest beer in Europe is offered in Debrecen, Hungary, where a pint of beer costs an average of 92 pence or 25.89 crowns.
Moldova’s capital, Chisinau, is second on the list, where you will pay a mere 31.86 crowns. In third place is Szeged, Hungary, where visitors can cool off with a pint for 32.36 crowns.

The Daily Mail awarded the fourth place, or as we say in Czech, the potato medal, to Poland’s Szczecin, where a pint of beer costs 33.23 crowns. In fifth place is Prešov, Slovakia with 34.33 crowns, and the Bulgarian seaside town of Burgas, in sixth place, selling pints for 36.59 crowns.

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If you go to Romania, go for a beer in Târgu Mureș, where a pint of beer costs 37 crowns (£1.32); earning it seventh place in the rankings. In a split eighth place are two places in Bosnia and Herzegovina, in Mostar and Luka, where you can get a pint of beer for a reasonable 37.43 crowns.

The Romanian city of Sibiu in Transylvania rounds off the top ten, where visitors pay an average of 39.67 crowns for a pint.

Where not to go for a beer?

Price per pint

1. Reykjavik, Iceland – 231 Kč
2. Bergen, Norway – 227.7 Kč
3. Stavanger, Norway- 218 Kč
4. Espoo, Finland – 215 Kč
5. Trondheim, Norway – 207 Kč
6. Oslo, Norway – 206.8 Kč
7. Geneva, Switzerland – 203.7 Kč
7. Lausanne, Switzerland – 203.7 Kč
7. Curich, Switzerland – 203.7 Kč
8. Basel, Switzerland – 203.5 Kč

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