Aug 03, 2023

Coffee Chain The Miners’ Ambition: to Surpass Starbucks with More Branches

The Miners, the largest specialty coffee chain in the Czech Republic, launched their first-of-its-kind Miners Bakery in Karlin in late June 2023. Intrigued by this unique concept, we couldn’t wait to explore it.

Entering the coffee shop, you can see the most significant difference between the spot — the open kitchen. Egor Kolpakov, Miners CEO, says that transparency is the main point of such interior decisions. Although, you can spot the similar format of the Miners roastery, found on the DOCK facility.

Transparency is the key element of the Miners, Egor says.

[”This story is about the transparency overall… I have never seen a business in Czechia where you can find, for instance, an owner-made Telegram channel, where all the insights can be found…”]

Raising the trust among the customers helps to maintain sustainable and long-running business, Egor adds.

As before, you can find Miners-made production on-site, such as nitro coffee and compostable coffee capsules. Besides, at Miners Karlin, you can find branded reusable coffee bamboo cups, which became an expansion of their merch. 

Another important aspect Miners Karlin will be dealing with is fresh baked goods delivery across all our facilities, Egor says. While other cafés will be closed, Karlin branch will be producing fresh pastry overnight so all Miners’ guests will have warm cinnamon rolls and babka cakes right after the cafes will be opened.

The coffee chain is the first to combine speed and comfort in the world of specialty coffee shops. Inspiring people to live an awesome urban lifestyle, that’s what the company’s motto sounds like, and it matches the way how the cafes works and serves.

Egor mentions that the Miners can be distinguished from the other coffee shops by the exclusive binding with the place and effectiveness of service.

[“…I see that most places in Prague are still maintaining the so-called Slow Living approach, where you can wait for your V60-style coffee a dozen minutes, while sitting on the squeaky wooden chair taken from the school down the street… The Miners is different: each place has a unique bond with the place it is located in, new furniture, new interior…”]

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Egor wants everything to be fun to deal with. Since the Barry Higgels coffeehouse establishing on Holesovice in 2016, Miners’ creator business vision has changed a lot. Distinguishing entrepreneurs from businessmen, Egor mentions that the latter lack creativity when entering such creative coffee-related businesses.

Egor Kolpakov, Miners CEO

As per Egor, the place is crucial for the Miners. Each cafe will have a strong association with the place it is located, and vice versa, the place will be associated with any particular coffee shop.

The chain has stepped away from making their place grunge-like and vintage attributed-stuffed inside. Instead, you will find new and comfortable furniture inside, where you can maintain your 110-percent style of living. Whatever you will be doing at Miners, you will be inside an awesome urban lifestyle, by working, relaxing, or meeting with friends.

After becoming the largest specialty coffee chain in Europe (spoiler: it will happen really soon) and the Middle East, Egor does not hide intentions to rock the US.

At present, the Miners operate eight coffee shops across Europe, with seven of them located in Prague. Given the chain’s age, it undoubtedly ranks as one of the largest players in the specialty coffee market.

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