Dec 11, 2023

The Prague Castle

Prague Morning

Prague Morning

When visiting the historic city of Prague, you cannot miss the iconic Prague Castle, which is a testament to centuries of history, culture, and architectural brilliance.

Visiting this enchanting castle is a journey through time, offering breathtaking views and a glimpse into the heart of the Czech Republic’s capital. In this short guide, you will explore the history and magic of Prague Castle, find out how to buy tickets and discover what other spots in Prague you can’t miss.

Discovering the Prague Castle

Prague Castle cannot be missed, as majestically overlooking the Vtlava River can be seen by tourists visiting the capital city of Czechia. The castle can be called the symbol of the rich history of the country and the largest castle complex in the world.

Founded around 880 AD by Prince Bořivoj of the Premyslid Dynasty, it is the jewel of architecture and an example of various styles of every era, from the Romanesque through the Gothic to the Renaissance.

Originally, it served as a fortress, but then it was chosen as the seat of the kings of Bohemia. Its role is still not finished, as it still serves at the official residence of the President of the Czech Republic.

Plan your trip to Prague Castle

Coming to see Prague Castle without prior planning is not recommended, as it’s a huge complex with lots of things to explore. The best time to start your visit is in the morning when there are still no crowds. Yet, before coming to the castle, check the visiting hours of various buildings within the complex; the castle is open daily, but the hours may vary.

Visit the website to check the current information; you can also buy tickets and plan various tours. The range of tickets will suit each visitor, as you can choose a circuit ticket, giving you access to most major sites, a separate ticket to the specific areas, or a guided tour.

Don’t miss these spots! 

Prague Castle is majestic, but there are more spots to admire in Prague. One of the most recognised bridges in Europe, Charles Bridge, extending proudly over the Vtlava River, offers picturesque views of the city.

Visit one the busiest places in Prague – Old Town Square, surrounded by colourful baroque buildings, the Church of Our Lady before Týn, and the Astronomical Clock, which is one of the oldest clocks in the world. The square is also home to Old Town Hall, where the clock can be seen.

You can’t miss St. Vitus Cathedral, located within Prague Castle, which will leave you breathless with its impressive stained glass windows and architectural details.

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