Jan 30, 2024

Tragedy Strikes the Giant Mountains: Two Tourists Lose Their Lives in a Fall on Sněžka

Three people fell from the northern side of Mount Sněžka, on the border of Czechia and Poland, on Tuesday. Two of those involved in the accident died when they slipped on a mountain slope.

Ivo Novák, spokesperson for the Hradec Králové Region Rescue Service, reported that three helicopters have been dispatched to the scene.

Rescuers called for assistance from helicopters in Liberec and Hradec Králové. “There was a tourist fall on the Polish side of Sněžka, and Mountain Service rescuers are currently intervening,” confirmed Marek Fryš, spokesperson for the Mountain Service of the Czech Republic.

Pavel Cingr, head of the Krkonoše Mountain Service, informed news server Novinky.cz that the individuals fell while descending from Sněžka to the valley of the Polish river Lomniczka.

The Polish Krkonoše National Park issued a warning on the X network today about icy surfaces. Over the weekend, nine people sustained injuries on the ice, and a Polish tourist fell off a path on the Czech side of Sněžka due to icy conditions.

“We received the report at 14:11. Two individuals fell from the Lomniczka cauldron and, unfortunately, lost their lives. The search for a third person, who was likely also present, is ongoing,” stated Sub-Inspector Edyta Bagrowska from the District Police Directorate in Jelenia Góra, as reported by tvn24.pl.

The police officer added that the nationality of these individuals is currently unknown.

The summit of Mt. Sněžka is the highest point in Czechia.

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