Transport: Czech Republic on Top for Public Expenditure

After Luxembourg, Hungary and the Czech Republic are the EU member countries that invest the most public resources on transport in the European Union.

According to Eurostat data released today, the highest percentage of government expenditure on transport in 2016 was registered in Luxembourg (3.7 % of the GDP), followed by Hungary and the Czech Republic (both 3.5 %), very much above the EU average of 1.9% of GDP.

High percentages of public expenditure in transport was recorded also in Slovakia (3.4% of GDP), Romania (3.1), Austria (2.9), Poland (2.8), Greece (2.7), Estonia (2.6) and Croatia and Latvia (both 2.4).

Government expenditure on transport includes expenditure on administration, regulation, construction and maintenance of the transport infrastructure, plus the operation of public transport corporations classified with the general government sector and subsidies and investments in the market producers to operate public transport, Eurostat illustrated. 

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