Jan 10, 2024

Say Hello to OnTaxi: Ukrainian Online Taxi Service Launches Operations in Prague

OnTaxi, a well-established Ukrainian online taxi service, has officially launched its operations in Prague.

This innovative platform allows passengers to book rides through its mobile app or website and extends collaboration opportunities to interested drivers.

Denis Pokalitsyn, the head of the company’s international division, highlighted the growing interest in Ukrainian IT products across European countries.

Key Advantages of OnTaxi Include:

  • Competitive pricing in Prague, with a 50% discount on the first two orders and a consistent 5% cashback for orders on the premium tariff.
  • Support in Ukrainian and Russian languages for a seamless user experience.
  • A fleet comprising only vehicles that are not older than two years.
  • Favorable conditions for drivers looking to collaborate with the platform.


For Prague residents and visitors, the OnTaxi mobile app is easily accessible through the following platforms:

Google Play


OnTaxi started its operations in Kharkiv in 2016 and has since expanded its services to 28 cities in Ukraine under a direct model and 32 additional cities under a franchise model.

The company has also successfully ventured into EU countries and Azerbaijan, currently boasting a network of over 300,000 cooperative drivers.


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