Apr 30, 2024

United Islands of Prague Festival Returns Tomorrow, May 1!

The United Islands of Prague Festival kicks off on Wednesday, transforming the city’s islands and ten clubs into a vibrant stage for musical discovery.

From May 1st to 4th, audiences can experience the hottest musical talents from across the 27 European countries.

Beyond the sonic adventures, the festival offers a range of engaging activities, including workshops, lectures, live podcasts, talks, and even sports events. Admission remains free for all visitors.

This year, artists will perform across 23 stages: the open-air spaces of Střelecký Island, Slovanský Island near Žofín, Janáček Embankment, and ten participating clubs, marking the return of the Thursday club scene.

The festival also expands its reach, bringing music to new neighborhoods like Ďáblice, Holešovice, Palmovka, Anděl, and Jižní město for the first time.

Special events include a celebration of 20 years of the Czech Republic’s membership in the European Union on Wednesday, May 1st, and a concert against xenophobia, “Symphony for Humanity,” taking place on Střelecký Island on Thursday.

The official festival opening on Wednesday will see the presence of Czech President Petr Pavel, Vice-President of the European Commission Věra Jourová, Head of the European Commission Representation in the Czech Republic Monika Ladmanová, and the Minister for European Affairs Martin Dvořák, ambassadors from European countries.

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This brief ceremony begins at 6:30 pm on Střelecký Island.

Throughout the festival, a special tram stop named “Evropa” will operate at the Legion Bridge (Most Legií), providing a direct access to Střelecký Island. This stop will serve all tram lines crossing the bridge.

Additionally, the bridge will be closed to car traffic on Wednesday and Saturday. On Saturday, May 4th, the Janáček Embankment from Jazz Dock to Vítězná Street will also be closed to vehicle traffic.

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