Jan 09, 2024

VIDEO: Police Share Footage of Charles University Shooting Response

On Tuesday, 9 January, Prague police unveiled a new video showing the coordinated efforts of law enforcement and special forces during the shooting at the Faculty of Philosophy of Charles University. The footage provides a detailed account of the officers’ actions.

The video captures the moment police entered the building, searching room by room in their pursuit of the shooter. Timely timestamps accompany the footage, enhancing viewers’ comprehension of the law enforcement’s strategies.

In addition to the building search, the video reveals the scene of the shooter’s lifeless body.

The sharpshooters strategically positioned themselves in a nearby hotel, aligning with the shooter’s elevation.

From this vantage point, they patiently awaited his approach to the gallery. When one of the sharpshooters aimed at him, the assailant initially seemed to surrender by dropping his weapon and raising his hands. However, he retrieved his weapon and took his own life.

The tragic incident took place on the afternoon of 21 December at Charles University. The toll stands at 14 lives lost and 25 injured.

Addressing concerns, the Office of Internal Control of the Police Presidium of the Czech Republic announced on Tuesday that their investigation found no faults in the police actions.

Michal Tikovski, the department director, emphasized that the police’s professional intervention, coupled with a flawless evacuation procedure, adhered to established protocols in responding to a shooter attack.

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