Dec 28, 2023

VIDEO: The Largest Cargo Boeing in the World Landed in Prague on December 24

On Christmas Eve, Prague airport experienced a remarkable event as the largest Boeing 747-8F freighter, known as the Queen of the Skies, touched down in the city.

The moment drew the attention of aviation enthusiasts, commonly referred to as “planespotters”, as well as numerous families who seized the opportunity to gather on the afternoon preceding Santa Claus’s visit.

The aircraft, operating on a regular flight route connecting the Qatari capital Doha, Budapest, and Prague, landed on runway 24 at Prague Airport.

However, the landing was not without its share of suspense, with a delay of nearly two hours, ant took place at 4.08 pm.

A significant milestone in the cooperation between the Qatari carrier and Václav Havel Airport in Prague was the recent 1000th landing of a cargo aircraft, which took place on 8 June this year.

“We wanted to bring the iconic Jumbo Jet to Prague this year because this particular plane with A7-BGA registration will be handed over to a new carrier in January after six years of service with our company due to the modernisation of our fleet. It is a great pleasure for me that we were able to secure it on Christmas Eve and parents with children could come to see it in addition to aerial photographers,” said Mohamed Elasheg, the company’s regional cargo operations manager for Central and Eastern Europe.


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