Nov 01, 2023

Hotter Than Ever: Prague Experiences Record-Setting October Temperatures

Prague is currently experiencing an unusually warm autumn. Following the warmest September in recorded history, October also set a new record.

This information was reported on Wednesday by the weather station at Prague’s Clementinum, which has been maintaining statistics since 1775.

According to its data, the average monthly temperature in October was +14.1°C, surpassing the previous record set in 1795 by 0.3°C.

It is also 4.3°C higher than the long-term average for October (1775-2014) and 3.2°C above the recent climatic norm (1991-2020).

The coldest October in Prague’s history was in 1905, with an average monthly temperature of +5.6°C, as depicted on the graph.

The warmest day of October 2023 occurred on the 13th, with an average daily temperature of +19.8°C. In contrast, the coolest day was on the 17th, with an average daily temperature of +7.3°C.

Prague’s historical record for the hottest October day dates back to October 3, 1929, with a temperature of +21.9°C.

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While the record for the coldest October day in the capital, set on October 30, 1776, with an average daily temperature of -3.1°C, remains unbroken, there is a possibility it might be surpassed in the future.

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