Oct 18, 2023

What Albania are saying ahead of their Euro 2024 qualifier with Czech Republic

The Albanian national squad’s singular focus lies on the impending clash scheduled for October 12th against the formidable Czech Republic.

Head coach

Coach Sylvinho exudes unwavering faith in the assemblage of players at his disposal.

«In this moment, our minds are fixated solely on the pivotal showdown against the Czech Republic. All other considerations pertaining to the European Championship or the futures of individual players hold no sway over me. We are well aware of their formidable prowess, an undefeated force in the arena. I derive immense satisfaction from our players’ unwavering commitment to their respective teams and their prolific goal-scoring feats. These individuals occupy a pivotal role within our ranks. Before our duel with Poland, I conveyed to them that while our opponents are indeed formidable, we boast formidable, technically astute players as well», – remarked Sylvinho during a press briefing this past Saturday.

Nonetheless, the Brazilian tactician emphasized that the verdict on the team’s qualification for the forthcoming European Championship hinges solely on the two crucial fixtures slated for November.

«November is the month when we shall engage in calculations. The competition within our group is fierce and impeccably balanced. As of now, any mathematical conjectures remain premature, but come November, they shall commence. We anticipate a daunting encounter, playing in front of our fervent supporters amidst an electric atmosphere. Within those 90 minutes, the range of possibilities is wide, yet we field champions who can wield substantial influence. Our roster boasts formidable talents capable of making a pivotal difference. Our preparations for this arduous fixture are of paramount importance», – offered the coach.

When probed by the press regarding Armando Broja’s return to the offensive lineup, the coach lauded the player’s attributes but underscored that the team’s strength transcends the contributions of any individual, focusing on the collective prowess of the entire group.

Albanian Players

The Albanian players have meticulously analyzed the impending match, stressing the importance of not underestimating their opponents while also expressing their preparedness.

Ylber Ramadani, the midfielder from Lecce, emphasized the team’s winning mentality, stating: «We arrived here with the right mindset following our game against Poland. It’s an incredibly challenging match, not one to be taken lightly, given the strength of our opponents. They’ve only conceded two goals, but we must step onto the field with the correct approach, devoid of overconfidence, and give our utmost to secure a positive outcome».

Taulant Seferi, currently in stellar form after recent successes with his club Baniyas, asserted that Albania’s offense is currently at its zenith: «I genuinely believe so, given our numerous goal-scoring exploits. This, in my opinion, marks the zenith of the national team’s attacking prowess. It fills me with joy, as competition within the group fosters and fortifies our collective strength. We anticipate that this healthy competition among our squad members will translate into positive results. When the national team finds the net, it’s a beautiful moment for us forwards. Remember, the national team is not merely defined by one segment; we are a cohesive unit, and our greatest strength lies in our collective».

Concluding their remarks, there was a heartfelt plea directed towards Albanian fans, expected to number over 22,000 at the Air Albania stadium. Ramadani made an appeal, saying: «I kindly request our fans not to hurl objects onto the field, as we require their unwavering support for the upcoming matches. They are our 12th player, and we believe it’s vital for them to stand by us consistently. We wouldn’t want to lose their support due to objects being thrown onto the field».

Situation before the game

Albania is poised to face the Czech Republic on October 12th in the Euro 2024 qualifiers.

Currently, the Albanian national team leads the group with 10 points, while the Czech Republic, who have played one match fewer, holds the second spot with 8 points.

Despite a draw in the Czech Republic in the first game, Lokomotiva are considered favorites for the future match.  You can bet on the Czech Republic’s victory in Mostbet CZ at odds of 2.35, while Albania is quoted at 3.45 and a draw at 3.15.  

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