Jan 18, 2024

Hot List! What to Do in Prague This Weekend | 19 – 21 January, 2024

Come and enjoy your weekend with our selection of the best Prague events and things to do! Food festivals, parties, family-friendly activities and much more…Enjoy!


19.01: Post-Christmas swap

In case you have some unwanted things you no longer need, come on 19 January to Klubíčko Vinohrady (Prague 2).  Bring them there for a swap. You’ll leave your unwanted items behind and take something you’re guaranteed to miss at home. You can bring & swap everything except clothes. (Exceptions may be brand-new pieces with tags)

  • Where: Klubíčko Vinohrady, Římská 43, Prague 2
  • Tickets: 50 CZK
  • More info here


17.01- 21.01: ÍRÁN:CI Film Festival

This years’ edition of ÍRÁN:CI Film Festival will come to Prague and Brno. For the first time ever, the festival program also includes a selection of internationally acclaimed works from neighboring countries and regions that shed light on many fragile lives plagued by political and social injustice. The festival will be held at the Světozor cinema and Bio Oko.

You can look forward to films such as Endless Frontier, Cause of Death Unknown, Persian Version, Siren, Gazelle, And I Dance Too, Endless Summer Syndrome.

  • Where: Cinema Světozor, Bio Oko cinema, Lucerna cinema
  • Tickets: 140 – 160 CZK
  • More info here


19.01: Gin celebration

The celebration of fine liquid – gin will happen this Friday 19 January at 7 p.m. in BeerCheckpoint Letňany – Prague 9. You can look forward to great drinks (eight types of drinks), music that will keep you in a good mood, thematic lectures and much more.

  • Where: BeerCheckpoint Letňany, Beranových 39, Prague 9
  • More info here


19.01-28.01: Spirit celebration

From this Friday 19 January until 28 January, you will have the opportunity to try out various many kinds of spirits. This second edition will take place in Počernicke brewery. Tasting boards of interesting spirits and suitable food await you. Reservation is recommended: +420 774 836 682

  • Where: Počernický Pivovar, Národních hrdinů 3, Prague 9
  • More info here


20.1: Pig-slaughtering in the museum

On Saturday 20.1.2024, you will have the chance to experience the atmosphere of an old Czech slaughter and taste the specialties at the event “Letenské prase aneb Zabijačka v muzeu”. The sixteenth edition of this event will not only fill your taste buds, but also test your skill, knowledge of traditions and present interesting facts about the butcher’s guild.

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There will be pig butchery demonstrations, slaughterhouse specialties, and workshops offered by cooks from the Association of Chefs and Confectioners. You will be able to try stuffing and skewering a fowl, observe the work of a master butcher, and see specimens of antique butchery implements from the National Museum of Agriculture’s holdings.

  • Where: NZM Praha – Kostelní 44, Prague 7
  • Tickets: 50 – 100 CZK
  • More info here


20.1 Klangkuenstler

Berlin-based DJ Klangkuenstler will perform at Prague’s Roxy club on 20 January. He has gained recognition for his unique blend of techno, house, and deep house and his ability to create dynamic and energetic DJ sets. KlangKuenstler has released music on prominent electronic music labels, such as Filth on Acid, Exhale, and his imprints Zuckerton Records (2011) and Outworld (2019).

He has also performed at several major festivals and clubs worldwide, such as Awakenings, Verknipt and Rotterdam Rave, solidifying his reputation as a rising star in the electronic music scene.

  • Where: Roxy, Prague 1
  • Tickets: 500 – 750 CZK
  • More info here

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