Jan 30, 2024

When is the Best Time to Sell Real Estate in the Czech Republic?

Just as nature has its more favorable seasons, so the property market is similar. There are months when property sells well and months when the demand is very low.

Therefore, it pays to plan ahead when thinking about going to market. A poorly chosen period means a slow sale at a lower price, whereas a well chosen period can result in a quick sale at a higher price. If you plan to sell real estate in the Czech Republic, you can schedule your sale based on the advice I’ll give you in this article.

When is the best time to sell a property?

Well, in the Czech Republic, the best time for selling homes is during the spring. The next good option is late summer. But remember, it’s not set in stone – other things matter too, like the type of property you are selling.

If you’re looking to put your property on the market, March is a great month. That’s when a of potential buyers start actively looking. Usually, there are more people wanting to buy houses than there are houses available, creating a competitive atmosphere that might speed up the selling process and maybe even get you a better price. On the flip side, the least ideal times to sell in the Czech Republic are during the summer vacations and winter.

Here’s a quick breakdown of how each month shapes up for selling:

How do individual properties sell?

Apartments such as 1+kk, 1+1, 2+kk and 2+1

The time of year when you’ll find interest from buyers here is the longest and most corresponds to the table above. As a rule, buyers are young people who have plenty of free time and are not limited by other commitments that might complicate their search for a property at other times of the year.

Family apartments, houses, or land for building family homes

When you’re dealing with family apartments, houses, or land for building family homes, it’s important to be mindful of when potential buyers, especially families, have their hands full with taking care of their children or are away on vacation. These concerns tend to peak during the Spring holidays, which can vary in timing from place to place.

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To maximize your chances, it’s a good idea to figure out the exact week when these holidays occur in your area. As for other holidays like summer and winter breaks, they generally coincide with decreased interest, as indicated in the chart.

Vacation properties

Turning our attention to vacation properties, interest is usually high when it’s most convenient for people. During these times, people are looking to escape to nature and a peaceful setting, engage in hobbies, or even gardening projects.

The prime season for selling cottages and country retreats in the Czech Republic spans from spring to autumn. On the other hand, summer and winter are the peak periods for selling mountain apartments or cabins.

Which day of the week is the best to start advertising in the Czech Republic?

When it comes to choosing the best day to start advertising your property, it’s important to consider the days when online ad portals experience the highest number of visitors. Generally, the peak interest occurs on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays, followed by a gradual decline throughout the week, with the least engagement on Sundays.

Therefore, the best time to launch your offer is Monday morning. By doing so, you’ll capture the attention of the most enthusiastic potential buyers right from the outset.

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