Jun 18, 2024

Which Places in Prague Heat Up the Most in Summer?

On Tuesday, June 18, Prague is expected to experience its first tropical day of the summer season, defined by forecasters as days when temperatures reach 30 degrees Celsius.

In 2022, the European Space Agency (ESA) released heat maps of several European cities during a heatwave.

The picture was taken by an instrument called ECOSTRESS, installed on board the International Space Station. It demonstrates to what extent the densely built up areas can warm up during the hot summer months and shows how hot the actual surface would feel to the touch.

The observations took place exactly two years ago, on June 18, 2022, when the temperature in Prague reached 30°C.

The thermal images revealed that the Holešovice neighborhood had the hottest ground and buildings on that day.

Other parts of the city with extremely high land-surface temperatures include the area surrounding the O2 Arena in the Vysočany district and the industrial zone in Štěrboholy.

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The image also reveals the cooling effect of parks (such as Petřín, Stromovka, Vítkov Hill), vegetation, and water on the city:


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