Sep 14, 2023

This Weekend, Experience a Different… Karlín!

On September 16th, Karlin will once again transform its streets, squares, backyards, and courtyards into vibrant neighborhood gathering spots as part of  „Zažít město jinak“ (Different City Experience).

In collaboration with the AutoMat association and local volunteers, thirteen locations will come alive on Saturday, including Čimice, Frýdlantská Street, Hrubého Street, the Atlas Cinema area, Křižíkova Street, Na Pecích Street, Okrouhlík Street, Osinalická Street, Pod Čimickým hájem Street, Studio Alta Street, Urxova Street, and Žižkov Tunnel.

Last year, the event brought together neighbors, local associations, and businesses to promote the use of public space, and attracted nearly more than ten thousand visitors.

The Zažít město jinak festival celebrates neighborly relationships and is made up of activities hosted by residents. Based on the principle of mutual aid, the festival incorporates a shared use of public space, local volunteers, and much more. All ages and interest groups are invited.

The festival aims to break the suburban, pedestrian mold of the city and have people realize the human value in their surroundings. Locals play an active role in the day’s program, which is mainly composed of workshops, games, concerts, sports, theatre performances, locally prepared food, etc.

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You’ll meet and learn from many interesting people from your neighborhood, cultivate relationships among different interest groups (e.g. local authorities, businessmen, residents), strengthen local cooperation, and discuss local, relevant causes as well as the benefits of calmer areas.

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