Oct 07, 2023

Over 200,000 Ukrainians Refugees Have Left the Czech Republic

Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister Vít Rakušan (STAN) has disclosed the latest data regarding Ukrainian refugees in the Czech Republic amid the ongoing conflict with Russia.

According to Rakušan, over 200,000 Ukrainian refugees have departed the Czech Republic since the onset of Russian aggression in February, 2022.

Since the beginning of the conflict until October 1 of this year, a total of 561,605 Ukrainian refugees have applied for temporary protection in the Czech Republic.

Of these, as of October 1, 358,740 individuals had physically submitted applications for temporary protection within the country. This means that more than 200,000 refugees have chosen to leave the Czech Republic during the conflict, either heading to other EU member states or returning to Ukraine.

He explained that nearly 360,000 refugees have registered with the Department of Asylum and Migration Policy, providing essential information.

However, Rakušan noted that those who failed to visit the Department of Asylum and Migration Policy in person by the end of September would lose their temporary protection status in the Czech Republic.

Approximately 14,500 fewer people than expected turned up for in-person registration. According to the minister, these are refugees who have likely returned to Ukraine or taken advantage of the Czech Republic’s location in the Schengen area to travel to other member states.

Among the registered Ukrainians, around 115,000 are legally employed, with this number steadily increasing.

Rakušan pointed out that these legally employed Ukrainians are projected to contribute approximately CZK 12 to 15 billion in levies to the Czech state budget for the current year, which will ultimately benefit the country.

The deputy prime minister expressed optimism that Ukrainian refugees could help alleviate the long-term labor shortage in the Czech Republic.

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