Jan 28, 2024

5+1 Tips for Valentine’s Day in Prague

Still not sure what to do with your significant other on the most romantic day of the year – St. Valentine’s Day? Get inspired with our tips!

1. A romantic cruise on the Vltava River

One of the most romantic films of all time? Definitely the Titanic. Put yourselves in the place of Kate and Leo and confess your love on the waves.

Naturally, your story will have a happy ending and will take place on the Vltava River. Take a cruise on a stylish steamboat, a cultural monument, or a huge glass boat. Add a romantic dinner or lunch.

2. Fall in love with art

Holding hands, whispering in each other’s ears, immersed in the passionate energy radiating from the canvases of masterpieces… Discover the Prague galleries! You can admire famous Czech painter Alphonse Mucha’s love for art at the unique iMucha exhibition until 10 March 2024.

The amazing collection of works by world-renowned Czech-born artists František Kupka and Otto Gutfreund at the Kampa Museum will take your breath away. And the beauty of the medieval art displayed in the Convent of Saint Agnes cannot even be described, trust us…

3. Dive into Some Bubbles

They say that love will warm you up. But we recommend not taking any chances and warming up in other ways as well. Dive into some bubbles and get pampered! And do it stylishly. Czechia is known for its beer so why not take a beer bath as well?

Relax in the wooden tub for two and then take a nap in a bed made of hay, for example, in the Beerland Spa. Would you like to combine the beer bath with a sauna? Then visit the Sauna Beer Spa. And if beer is not your cup of tea, you try a wine bath at Spa Pramen.

4. Dinner in the Clouds

You can have a candlelight dinner as if from a film in many restaurants in Prague. But you will feel like you are in heaven only in the Aureola restaurant – the highest one in Prague – where you can enjoy amazing views and food. You’ll have dinner at 109 meters above the ground.

Your table for a special gourmet experience will be a few meters lower at the Oblaca restaurant in the iconic TV tower. You can also enjoy a unique view and menu on the seventh floor of the famous Dancing House, in the Ginger & Fred restaurant.

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5. Love in the Heart and on the Stage

How to end a romantic day? With more romance! Sit down comfortably and listen to stories of love, whether at an opera, theatre, or dance performance. Let the delicate tones of classical music inside churches, historical concert halls, or the Spanish Synagogue carry you away.

Take a peek into the fantastic and playful dark world of the black light theatre where objects move freely through space – in the very first black light theatre in the world, Black Light Theatre Srnec. If you love opera and ballet, your heart will melt in the National Theatre, in the State Opera, or in one of the oldest theatres in Europe – the Estates Theatre.

6. For You with Love

The whole romantic adventure needs to end with a cherry on top. You can’t have a Valentine’s Day without a gift. She will love you even more if you give her some jewelry with the passionately red Czech garnet that you can’t buy anywhere else than in Czechia.

Go find your love souvenirs in Pařížská Street. There – near the Old Town Square – you’ll find elegant shops from top Czech designers and famous boutiques to antique shops as well as shops with traditional Czech glass, porcelain and jewelry.

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