Apr 18, 2024

7 Things You Should Know Before Visiting Prague

Immerse yourself in the enchanting medieval heart of the city, where every turn presents a mingling of dreamlike panoramas and bold urban art.

When the evening descends, inconspicuous doorways open into lively beer sanctuaries, while art deco exteriors veil pulsating dance venues. While the diverse allure of the Czech metropolis beckons, a hint of readiness can only enhance your adventure.

No matter when you decide to visit, arm yourself with these savvy traveler insights to fully revel in your Prague escapade.

Things You Should Know Before Visiting Prague

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1 Stop trying the Trdelnik

Strolling through the heart of Prague’s historic Old Town Square, among other bustling sightseer hotspots, one cannot miss the ubiquitous presence of street vendors offering the enticing “Trdelnik” treat. Touted as an authentic Czech confection, it tantalizes with its doughy allure.

However, this widely-believed narrative doesn’t hold truth. The rise in popularity of Trdelnik can be traced back to its viral spread on social media in 2010, a strategic move crafted to appeal to the palates of unwary tourists. Its true origins remain nebulous, but one thing is clear—it’s not a traditional delicacy borne out of the Czech culinary heritage.

2 Find a Good Place to Live

Staré Město, known for its picturesque spires and array of popular tourist spots, serves as an attractive and accessible hub. However, it’s worth venturing beyond to discover what else Prague has to offer. The city’s heart is dense with sights, and the adjoining areas of Malá Strana and Nové Město are just as strategically placed for attractions, brimming with lively taverns and clubs. It’s worth noting that Wenceslas Square, a bustling retail area by day, shifts into a vibrant nightlife hub after dusk, hosting numerous strip clubs that often draw bachelor parties.

For a more authentic Prague experience, where the city’s residents relax and socialize, consider exploring the outer neighborhoods. Vinohrady, with its cosmopolitan flair, and Holešovice, renowned for its trendsetting scene, both offer accommodations that are gentle on the wallet, vibrant night scenes, and excellent public transport connections.

3 Prague is a Great Place for Vegans

I was pleasantly astonished during our trip to Prague by the abundant vegetarian choices available throughout the city. From casual vegan eateries offering savory alternatives such as fish-free fish and chips to plant-based burgers, to upscale dining experiences, there’s a diversity of options catering to all kinds of plant-based diets. For a comprehensive list of vegan spots, take a glance at my guide to vegan dining in Prague.

4 Do you need Czech Koruna, Not the Euro

Although neighboring countries like Germany, Slovakia, and Austria utilize the Euro for their currency, the Czech Republic does not. The nation instead operates with its own currency, the Czech Koruna (CZK).

When it comes to currency conversion, it’s advisable to bypass exchange kiosks as they typically impose exorbitant fees. A more economical option would be to withdraw funds directly from a bank’s ATM. While this does incur a service charge, the exchange rate you’ll get is generally more favorable.

5 Stop Calling it “Czechoslovakia”

It’s a frequent and outdated mistake to refer to the Czech Republic as “Czechoslovakia.” Labeling the country as such is widely regarded as insensitive and is frowned upon by the inhabitants. Since 1993, after the dissolution of Czechoslovakia, the correct term has been the Czech Republic. It’s important for visitors and commentators alike to use the accurate name when speaking about this independent nation.

6 Stamp Your Tickets

Purchase your metro tickets effortlessly from vending machines available at all metro stations. For those intending to travel frequently, opt for a multi-day pass to save time and money. Remember to validate your paper ticket when utilizing Prague’s public transport. Do so by stamping it at the conspicuous validation machines found on buses, trams, and within metro stations. Failure to timestamp your ticket can result in hefty fines should an inspector verify its validity and discover an absence of a valid stamp.

7 Avoid Eating Out in the Old Town Square

While the Old Town Square remains a picturesque and historically rich segment of Prague, its popularity among sightseers has led to some inflated prices at local eateries and watering holes. Picture this: finding oneself unintentionally spending upwards of 20 euros just for a trio of beers, especially near iconic spots like the Astronomical Clock—a lesson I’ve learned the hard way.

For those yearning for an experience that resonates more closely with local customs, venture beyond the well-trodden paths. The neighborhood of Vinohrady, with its chic vibes and spirited gastronomic culture, is a treasure trove for those seeking the genuine flair of the city’s lifestyle.


Despite common misconceptions, Prague is geographically located west of Vienna. Despite this fact, the historical influence of the Iron Curtain has led to the Czech Republic being classified as part of “Eastern Europe,” a label that is geographically inaccurate and often contested by residents who are keen on setting the record straight. However, tourism in Prague is developed and you can have a lot of fun, especially knowing the features of this place.

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