May 03, 2024

A New Chapter Begins: Legendary Spirála Theater Reopens After 20 Years

Prague’s legendary Spirála theater is set to make a return this autumn after a two-decade hiatus.

Reborn as the multi-genre venue Nová Spirála, the iconic structure within the Prague Exhibition Center promises a unique experience.

Within its circular hall, it boasts a 360° auditorium with 800 seats. Two rotating telescopic stages further enhance the dynamism of each performance, ensuring that nothing remains hidden from the audience.

Additionally, a smaller stage is being completed, where visitors can attend chamber musicals, and theatrical productions, with a capacity of up to 340 guests.

In August 2002, the area of Prague and above all the lower-situated areas of Výstaviště were hit by a destructive flood from the Vltava River, which significantly damaged the buildings situated in the lower part of the park.

Thankfully, the building’s core structure and steel frame were preserved.

Everything else, from plumbing and air conditioning to electrical systems and waste disposal, has been completely modernized. Alongside the 800-seat main hall, a smaller, club-style venue with a capacity of 340 standing spectators is also being created.

The building’s acoustics have been meticulously restored, respecting its historical character.

“It brings me immense joy and a touch of nostalgia to announce the first program for Nová Spirála,” said Tomáš Hübl, Chairman of the Board of Výstaviště Praha, a.s. “Having started my career at the original Spirála Theater in a foreign production, I await the first performance and the sound of applause echoing within these walls once again.”

“Our program caters to a diverse audience across generations and genres,” explained Jan Makalouš, Director of Nová Spirála. “While embracing a multi-genre focus, each project at Nová Spirála will uphold high artistic standards and prioritize collaborations with established and emerging artists.”

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The auditorium consists of a ground floor with four rows of seats, followed by five galleries, each with a single row. Every seat offers an excellent view, allowing audiences to choose their preferred perspective – close proximity to the performers on the ground floor or a panoramic view from the galleries.

“Prague invested over CZK 250 million in Nová Spirála’s reconstruction,” said Adam Zábranský, Prague Councilor for Property, Legislation, and Transparency. “We believe this extraordinary space will be self-sustaining through ticket sales and commercial rentals. Additionally, the building is fully accessible and utilizes eco-friendly water and heating systems for energy-efficient operation.”

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