Jan 17, 2024

A New Public Terrace Will Open in the Center of Prague

In the summer of 2024, residents and visitors to Prague will be able to view the city centre from a new vantage point.

A publicly accessible terrace will open on the roof of the Masaryčka building, recently built by world-famous architect Zaha Hadid.

It will house a café, toilets and a seating area. The entrance will be completely barrier-free.

The building was constructed as part of the revitalization of the area near the Masaryk railway station. Initially, the Prague 1 authorities were against the construction of a roof terrace, fearing that it would spoil the panorama of the city.

However, after consultations with experts and a poll of local residents, which resulted in 80% of those who voted in favor of the idea, the officials changed their minds.

“Co-operation with the investor, residents and relevant authorities has shown that it is possible to find solutions that will suit all parties,” said Terezie Radoměřská, the head of the Prague-1 municipal district.

There is no exact date for the opening of the terrace yet. Most likely, it will take place in early summer.

“Masaryčka is attractive for the citizens of the city and its visitors, and is likely to become one of the most visited places in Prague. We are glad that the plan with the terrace has received the necessary support,” says Petr Palička, CEO of Penta Real Estate for the Czech Republic.

Bordered by Masaryk Station’s railway platforms to the south, Na Florenci street to the north, and the Wilsonova elevated freeway to the east, Masaryčka has been constructed on a derelict site that has stood abandoned for several decades.

To the west, Masaryčka replaces the existing car park on Havlíčkova Boulevard with a new public square with interchanges between city’s rail, tram and bus networks; defining a welcoming gateway to the city for suburban and domestic rail passengers as well as those using the express rail link that is currently under-construction to Prague’s international airport.

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