Jan 31, 2024

AI’s Impact: 300,000 Jobs to Vanish in Czechia by 2030, Says Expert

Prague Morning

Prague Morning

By 2030, it’s expected that around 330,000 jobs in the Czech Republic might disappear because of the increasing use of artificial intelligence (AI).

Labor market expert Tomáš Ervín Dombrovský has pointed out that the way people work in the country is likely to change a lot for about a million Czechs in the next ten years.

To help people navigate these changes and avoid losing jobs, Dombrovský shared some advice.

Knowing that jobs will change quickly, Dombrovský says it’s important for everyone to adapt to the growing use of AI. While he recognizes that some jobs will disappear, he also sees the possibility of new opportunities emerging, although the details are still uncertain.

“It’s important to understand that what I’ve already learned, what I already know, and what I’ve done won’t be enough. I’ll need to learn and improve much more in my work based on what the company needs.”

He encourages people not to ignore digital skills, as they play a crucial role in staying good at your job in the future.

Besides learning new tools, Dombrovský suggests job seekers should also develop additional skills that companies are looking for. He points out a growing demand for better collaboration and teamwork, soft skills, negotiation abilities, and improved information handling.

“This set of skills will be crucial for advancing in our work and staying relevant,” he says. Dombrovský wraps up by emphasizing that even in the Czech Republic, with its 4.5 million employees, up to a million people might experience significant changes in how they approach their jobs over the next decade.

Adam Hanka, director of AI at tech firm Creative Dock Group added that AI is yet to replace ordinary jobs en masse, and “that the work employees do behind a computer is fundamentally changing as AI becomes a real everyday helper.”

A November survey by Charles University and research agency Ipsos found that about one-third of Czechs believe AI will impact their jobs within five years.

The Czech Association of Artificial Intelligence has found that, in 2024, up to 80 percent of Czechs will use artificial intelligence (AI) regularly.

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