Jul 20, 2023

An Overview of the Beast Mastery Specialization for the Hunter Class in WoW Dragonflight

In the World of Warcraft, the player is waiting for many variations of races and ways to develop them when choosing a class and goodness of optimal specializations for the character and tasks that the player sets himself. Read the guides for beginners to avoid obvious mistakes.

Some specializations involve more single player play, others are not possible without party leveling, there are classes for PVP and PVE, guilds, gathering craft parts and the production of goods useful for the server.

Who is the Beast Master

The Beastmaster is an offshoot of the archer’s specialty that focuses not on long-range attacks, but on summoning and manipulating forest creatures to achieve his goals.

The class finds its application in all possible activities:

  • An excellent tank and offensive class in dungeons and raids.
  • Strong pvp hero
  • Single and group character for pumping.

Today we will analyze one of the most interesting classes for single leveling with an emphasis on PVP and raids, provided that the player likes to play as a summoner and rely not only on his hero, but also on the pet he controls.

Despite the fact that the class primarily relies on summoned creatures, it still needs high-quality equipment to transfer its power to its faithful companion, and there are three ways to get it:

  1. Complete quests and get rewards for difficult missions and tasks.
  2. Go to raids as part of a group and claim valuable trophies to disperse your strength.
  3. Buy Skycoach gold for World of Warcraft with guarantees of anonymity and security and one-time enhance your character, or buy the missing items.


What has changed for the Beast Mastery specialization in the new patch

  • Now the resurrection of your fallen beast will last less and restore full health to it. The skill is a physical one, so it cannot be knocked down by spells and silences, except perhaps with a stun.


  • Rejuvenating Wind skill, which previously restored health and increased its maximum amount, now has less power – the change has reached 20%.


  • Roar of Sacrifice – PVP skill that allows the pet to protect its owner, it gives critical attacks and lowers damage from AoE attacks of your opponents.


  • The Spirit of the Wild skill now directs Cobra’s shot at two enemies in addition to the main target – previously the talent only attacked one additional target instead of two.


  • Master Tamer – Each new summoned companion reduces the cooldown of Spirit of the Wild.


  • Serpent Sting is a talent that increases Cobra’s attack skill by 75%.


  • Blood Frenzy – the skill has been reworked, and now this talent applies the Spirit of the Wild effect on you, and on the minion Beast Strike and the Spirit of the Earth.


  • If we analyze all the main changes, we can see that the main offensive skills have been strengthened, also due to the fact that most skills have become talents with a passive type of action.


  • The main task is to activate simultaneous pet buffs, disperse the overall damage of the hunter himself, strengthen the main attacking skills and use skills aimed at countering mages.

In fact, hunters in any specialization are the only ones who can effectively counter casters due to strong physical damage from weapons, skills and pets and a safe distance to deal damage.

The main trump card against magicians is the Counter Shot. A skill that allows you to interrupt the casting of a spell and prevents you from using the magic of this school in the next few seconds. By the way, this is an excellent countermeasure to healers, even one downed spell can lead to a failure of the entire treatment cycle and the death of a priest.

The strengths of the Beast Summoner in the Dragonflight update for World of Warcraft

A large number of skills to help not only your own pet and yourself, but also allies.

Not such a long list of skills that you need to know and use in a timely manner. The procedure for using the skills is quite simple and clear.

One of the fastest and most agile classes in the game, both the character itself and the summoned beast, which essentially borrows all the main characteristics of the class.

An unlimited number of targets that your pet can collect and attack due to the attack of the beast.

Increased single-target damage through a combination of the owner’s efforts and the use of snake and pet attacks. The main task is to correctly guide the beast on the command to take it and help it reach the target, covering it with shooting, or keeping a distance if the damage is inflicted directly on the Hunter.


Weaknesses of the Beast Mastery Hunter in World of Warcraft Dragonflight

Your pet does not have artificial intelligence and is set up only to stupidly follow your commands without any analyzes and adjustments. This means that every micro-movement, approaching and moving away from the target, flanking and other maneuvers you must think through and perform yourself, changing the distance and using the attack commands and return to the owner to set the correct pace and direction of your beast’s attack.

Damage is weakly overclockable – as for stable damage, the class is considered one of the best – deal medium damage, but stable. But as for strengthening attacks, here the class is weakly amenable to overclocking and explosive damage, in favor of mediocre average single and AoE damage.


Stats and their priority for the Beast Mastery Hunter class in Dragonflight

Characteristics are the most important parameters of each hero that need to be pumped depending on the chosen class in order to gain an advantage in attack or defense over opponents. Due to the characteristics, mobility and the full potential of your hero are enhanced.


A parameter that provides the player with the speed of movement, attack and casting spells.

Considering that you make the main bet in your damage not only on yourself, but also on the pet, and it borrows some of your parameters, a high speed indicator will be useful for the beast to approach and for you to break maneuvers, or reduce the distance.

Critical Damage

The most important parameter for all summoners and units that will deal physical damage, because they often have a high attack speed and, due to critical attacks, you can almost double your damage and make it more stable, especially a summoned creature, which, upon reaching the target, no longer has it. let’s go, the main thing is to provide cover for your beast and at the same time maintain personal safety.


A parameter that enhances all offensive and auxiliary skills, making them more effective. The Spirit skill and Serpent Power will have a chance to proc twice over time, or act without cooldown.

For negative effects, this is an increased chance of passing, and for attackers, increased damage and a chance to proc with a critical force, that is, with double damage.

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