May 07, 2024

Anifilm Festival Kicks Off in Liberec: A Celebration of Animated Art

The 23rd edition of the Anifilm International Festival kicks off in Liberec, from May 7th to 12th.

While Karlovy Vary and the Summer Film School beckon in a few weeks, Anifilm offers a unique cinematic experience – a chance to discover the best-animated films from around the globe.

This year’s festival explores the fascinating relationship between art and animation. From films featuring the artistry of water puppets to a tribute to the esteemed screenwriter Jiří Kubíček, Anifilm promises a diverse program.

Animation fans will be thrilled to have Hugh Welchman, the director behind acclaimed films like “Loving Vincent” and “Jagna,” lead the jury.

Anifilm isn’t just for moviegoers. Adults and children alike can peek behind the scenes at a dubbing and motion capture studio or get hands-on with animation workshops. The festival caters to all tastes, with midnight screenings featuring horror and adult-oriented animation.

There’s much excitement surrounding the premiere of the Czech-made feature-length puppet cartoon,

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“The Big Master,” following the success of its first part, “The Little Master.” And for those seeking a break from the screen, the North Bohemian Museum presents the exhibition “Beyond Animation: The Water Puppet in Czech Film.”

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