Jul 27, 2023

Barbie: Czech Glass in Summer Hollywood Blockbuster!

The long-awaited Barbie movie has finally arrived, bringing great success to the Czech glass industry!

The hand-blown glass jugs of Klimchi from the Crystal Valley were commissioned by Warner Brothers, the American production company, for their movie of the year.

You can find these iconic pink jugs in Barbie’s house, portrayed by actress Margot Robbie in the film adaptation of the famous doll.

The beautiful pink hobnail jugs by the designer brand Klimchi were made by Czech glassmakers in the northern Bohemian Crystal Valley.

Klimchi represents a collective of Czech designers and glassmakers who create exceptional glass products in the heart of the Crystal Valley in Kamenický Šenov.

However, this is not the first time Czech glass decorations have made it to Hollywood. A couple of years ago, Czech crystal sculptures appeared in the Netflix film Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery starring Daniel Craig.

These were also created in the Crystal Valley of the Liberec Region, this time under the Czech glass company Pačinek Glass.

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And the best part – at the end of the summer, you will be able to see Czech glass jewels with your own eyes.

From 28 August to 2 September, you can visit the Crystal Valley Week.

A large glass festival featuring live glassmaking demonstrations, glass installations in the streets, a special crystal market, a light show, and much more.

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