Mar 31, 2024

Beyond Bunnies: Three Bizzarre Czech Easter Traditions Explained

Easter in the Czech Republic is a colourful mix of Christian and pagan traditions. In this article, however, you will learn about the most… bizarre Czech Easter ones!

Whipping women with willow branches

During the Easter holidays, men and boys cut willow branches and braid them into whips. Such a whip is called „pomlázka“. It´s made of fresh, bendy branches and decorated with colorful ribbons. With such a whip you can actually enjoy quite a lot of fun. But only if you are a man. On Easter Monday men can legally whip all women in the neighborhood. It may sound weird, but it’s an old, most common Czech Easter tradition.

The word “pomlázka” (whip) is derived from a Czech word “pomladit” which means “to make younger.” The tradition says that the fresh willow rods are full of spring energy that goes straight into the body. So we rather stand a little pain and wait for a miracle!

Pooping lamb – another weird Czech Easter tradition

The tradition of pooping lamb is very popular among women. Much more popular than the previous one. Because “pooping lamb”, believe it or not, is about shopping!

The principle of this tradition is to buy and wear something new on Easter Monday (clothes, shoes, jewelry…) because then the Easter lamb will not come and poop on you. I know it sounds weird and maybe it doesn’t make much sense but that´s what we do here. Go and buy something new. It’s been a very common tradition in our family. You don´t have to buy big or expensive things, just something what will make you happy. After all the whipping – you deserve that! Ladies, pooping lamb is on our side!

Wooden rattles to frighten Judas away

During the three days of the Sacred week, teams of young men go door-to-door in their communities, shaking wooden rattles. Christianity holds that Judas, a disciple, betrayed Jesus, so this tradition is to frighten him away. On day three, “White Saturday,” these same boys go door to door and yell until they receive a gift (typically money) and quiet down.

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