Feb 27, 2024

Beyond Tourist Traps: Finding Culinary Delights in Malá Strana and Hradčany

On a stroll through Prague Castle and the Lesser Town, you might assume renowned restaurants are scarce. But tucked away amidst souvenir shops stands lie several culinary treasures.

Let’s unveil these hidden gems!



This Michelin-starred gem shines not only for its charming, semi-secluded location on Šporkova Street but also for its delightfully unpretentious ambiance. Chef Mirek Vykysalý focuses on exceptional ingredients, crafting dishes that pair beautifully with an extensive wine list. While vegetarian options are limited, everything else is flawless. However, Tāst is a dinner-only affair, and reservations are highly recommended due to its intimate size.



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Slightly more upscale and lively, Kuchyň on Hradčanské náměstí corner offers another fantastic culinary experience. They expertly balance traditional Czech cuisine with modern twists. Add a regularly changing menu and perfectly poured Pilsner, and you have a winning combination.


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Bistro Monk

Not just Czech fare tickles the taste buds. This second branch of the popular brunch bistro, located on Maltézské náměstí, welcomes you with modern international cuisine. The menu offers what you’d expect from a trendy bistro: avocado toast, eggs Benedict, pancakes, and top-notch coffee. Brunch isn’t their only game, though. Enjoy lunch, or indulge in a mimosa-fueled morning, especially if you have a weekend to spare.


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U Bílé kuželky

This beloved spot serves up classic Czech dishes like fried cheese, beef cheek goulash, and sirloin steak with aplomb. It’s a safe bet for impressing foreign visitors with the best Czech cuisine. Reservations are recommended, especially on weekends.

Kafe & Hrnky

Descend a few steps down Neruda Street, and a hidden garden awaits. While famed for its coffee, this cafe also offers savory and sweet breakfasts and cocktails. The idyllic, quiet outdoor space makes it a perfect haven, especially on sunny days.


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