May 06, 2024

Body Found in Vltava River – Missing Scottish Tourist Suspected

Police in Prague recovered the body of a man from the Vltava River on Sunday, May 5th.

Authorities are currently investigating whether the deceased is the 29-year-old Scottish tourist who vanished during a night boat trip on April 28th.

The man reportedly told friends he was going for a swim and jumped overboard, never to be seen again. While the incident occurred near Charles Bridge, Štefánikův Bridge is located approximately 1.6 kilometers downstream.

Forensic experts are working to determine the identity of the deceased.

The missing Scottish

Joop Sparkes, from Galashiels, vanished after he jumped from a party boat in Prague between 1am and 2am on Sunday April 27. The 29-year-old construction worker has not been seen since.

His devastated sister Jodie Wilson has been scouring the streets of Prague with Joop’s girlfriend Charley Maben and his aunt Gillian. In a desperate bid for answers, the family reached out to private investigators.

The group followed the party boat Joop travelled aboard on Friday night but there were no further clues to what could have happened to him. They also plan to watch the boat on Saturday night and continue searching the area – a week on from when he vanished.

There must have been about 100 people onboard, it travels very slowly, and a lot of the time it’s just floating.

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“We still continue to walk the length of the river banks, checking out buildings, checking the homeless people who are wrapped in sleeping bags pulling clothing from the river to check if it’s not Joop’s.

“Yesterday we walked along the riverbanks and the marina. We are also checking along the boats to make sure he’s not either on or in the water nearby. We have spoken to people and asked if they have seen him, some are lovely and some unfortunately are very evil.”

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