Oct 20, 2023

Brazilian Film Fest to Take Place at Prague’s Bio Oko on November 1-5

This year, Kino Brasil – the Brazilian film festival in Prague will celebrate its tenth anniversary.

“In the past nine editions, we have presented 58 feature films and 8 short films, and yet with this special anniversary edition, we will strive to surpass all previous years! Once again, we have prepared a rich accompanying program for our audience,” say the organizers.

This year the festival will present the visually stunning film Paloma, the story of a woman who was born a man and whose greatest dream is to have a wedding in a church.

All films are in their original versions with English and Czech subtitles.

The film River of Desire will take you to the Amazon, where a passionate drama unfolds with the fatefulness of a Greek tragedy, involving three brothers who love the same woman.

The sports drama and psychological thriller Tinnitus will transport you to São Paulo, among elite synchronized diving athletes, and show us what life is like with an incurable ringing in the ears.

An animated film for the whole family will not be missing: Perlimps is about two special agents from enemy kingdoms who choose the path of peace to fulfill a common mission – to save the Enchanted Forest.

The film The Burití Flower follows the last 80 years since the massacre committed against the Krahô indigenous people by farmers, blending a documentary approach with the poetry of jungle life and revealing the injustice and resilience with which the indigenous people defend their territories.

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The film Charcoal ruthlessly uncovers the decay of society when one family agrees to hide a drug lord under their roof as part of a devilish plan.

The completely independent film The Smoke Master is an action-packed and offbeat comedy. Two brothers must confront the Chinese mafia, and their only hope is to penetrate the secrets of the Smoke Master’s rare teachings.

Kino Brasil is organised by Saudade, an association of enthusiasts who fell in love with Brazil. For eight years they have been closely following Brazilian cinematography and have been carefully choosing the best films to screen.


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