Apr 09, 2024

Brno & Ostrava Airports Now Offer Direct Flights to Phuket & Mauritius

Czech regional airports are spreading their wings! In a historic first, Ostrava will offer direct flights to both Phuket, Thailand, and the idyllic island of Mauritius.

Sun-seekers in Brno will also rejoice, as they’ll gain access to these same tropical paradises. While Brno already boasted direct Thailand flights last season, Mauritius is a brand new adventure for both airports.

These exciting new routes will be operated as charter flights in collaboration with travel agency Čedok and Italian carrier Neos.

“This winter season marks a new chapter not only for Čedok, but also for Ostrava and Brno airports,” says Čedok CEO Stanislav Zeman. “We’re committed to bringing the world closer to our clients, offering comfortable travel experiences that allow them to explore new horizons.”

Zeman highlights Thailand’s enduring popularity as a top exotic destination for Čedok. This motivated the agency to offer direct flights to Phuket from both Brno and Ostrava during the winter months.

For those seeking the allure of Mauritius, Čedok provides a convenient option with a short stopover. Both routes will utilize Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners operated by Neos.

Looking back, Zeman expressed ambitious expansion plans for Ostrava Airport in 2024. This summer, Čedok will fly passengers from the Moravian-Silesian capital to seventeen destinations. Over a third of these routes are brand new, including Albania, Calabria (Italy), the Greek island of Thassos, Chania in Crete, Tunisia, and the up-and-coming Egyptian destination of Marsa Matrouh.

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Phuket proved to be a Czech favorite last season. Following their partnership with Čedok, Neos successfully transported over six thousand passengers from the Czech Republic to Thailand within a few months.

Travelers can choose from three classes, with the basic option including a free 23 kg checked suitcase. Upcharges for premium cabins (Business Light and Economy Plus) start at CZK 19,990 and CZK 4,990 per person for return flights, respectively.

Departures to Mauritius will be on Wednesdays, while Phuket flights take off on Thursdays. Pre-sales for tours in the 2024/2025 winter season kick off in April.

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