Apr 26, 2024

Café Tramvaj on Wenceslas Square Shuts Down After Operating Without Permit

Last year, Councillor Adam Zábranský (Pirates) confirmed the removal of sausage vendors from Wenceslas Square, prompting many to seek alternatives.

Café Tramvaj, with its inviting outdoor seating and diverse menu, became a popular choice.

However, councillor Giancarlo Lamberti (TOP09) reported on his social media that the business, established in 2001, no longer possessed a valid lease or permit for the temporary structures used for the outdoor seating area.

According to Lamberti, the café’s lease agreement with the city had expired in 2023. Despite this, the operators continued to set up the outdoor seating at the beginning of this year. Further investigation revealed that receipts issued by the café lacked mandatory information. Lamberti reported these findings to Mayor Terezie Radoměřská and Councillor Zábranský, leading to a complaint being filed with the authorities.

As of today, Café Tramvaj is closed, with no further information available at the entrance.

The operator now faces potential fines from various departments. The exact amount will depend on the final findings of the Trade Licensing Office, Building Authority, and Finance Department.

Photo: Giancarlo Lamberti


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Prague 1 officials have indicated that fines could reach up to CZK 500,000 for failing to register for local taxes, with potential back taxes for the past three years.

The closure of Café Tramvaj marks the end of an era for Wenceslas Square. With investigations ongoing, it remains to be seen what the future holds for this once-popular spot.

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