Aug 04, 2023

Prague Ranks in the World’s TOP 10 Cities for Annual Cannabis Consumption

Ever wonder how your city stacks up when it comes to cannabis consumption? Well, Big Apple residents are a head above the competition.

New York City has the highest yearly cannabis consumption of any major city in the world, according to new data from the Center for Advancing Health (CFAH).

The city consumes about 62.3 metric tons of weed in a calendar year, far ahead of No. 2 Sydney, Australia, with 45.8 metric tons.

U.S. cities take four of the top 10, with Los Angeles, Chicago, and Houston also landing on the list. Rome, Prague, and Vienna represent Europe in the top 10, despite weed being illegal in all three cities.

Meanwhile, Toronto represents for Canada and Tokyo is the lone representative for Asia.

Tokyo has the world’s most expensive cannabis prices, at $33.8 per gram. Meanwhile, Montreal has the world’s cheapest prices, coming in at $5.9. Portland, OR has the cheapest prices in the U.S., hovering around $7 per gram.

The study also found that cannabis legalization leads to lower prices, with costs falling about 11.13 percent on average.

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Check out the full list below, and read more about the study on CFAH.

  1. New York (62.3 metric tons/year)
  2. Sydney (45.8 metric tons/year)
  3. Los Angeles (35 metric tons/year)
  4. Chicago (24.9 metric tons/year)
  5. Rome (21.9 metric tons/year)
  6. Houston (18.5 metric tons/year)
  7. Toronto (16.7 metric tons/year)
  8. Tokyo (16.7 metric tons/year
  9. Prague (15.5 metric tons/year)
  10. Vienna (15 metric tons/year)

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