Jul 20, 2023

Caspian Energy Club Czechia Presented a Report on its First Half-Year Activity

Caspian Energy Club Czechia, the official representative of Caspian Energy Club in Czechia, has submitted a report on the work done for the first half of 2023 to the Management Board of the Club.

This was stated by Zaur Gadirov, Chairman of the Board of Caspian Energy Club Czechia.

According to the presented report, in the first half of the year, CEO Lunch Prague, CEO Breakfast Prague, CEO MeetUp Prague (Real Estate in Czechia) etc. and a number of successful events were organized.

The 13th International Caspian Energy Investment Forum Prague – 2023, jointly organized by the Caspian Energy Club and the Caspian Energy Club Czechia, was held with the participation of the former Prime Minister of Czechia Jan Fischer and many government officials and was one of the biggest events of March 2023.

The main topics of the event were new opportunities and perspectives, “green” energy, European energy security, technological progress and digitalization, as well as the investment potential of Czechia. This event, which is planned to be held every year, is designed to attract investments and diversify trade with different countries. 

According to Zaur Gadirov, Caspian Energy Club Czechia plans to continue its agile activities. “By the end of 2023, we are planning to hold a number of CEO MeetUps dedicated to non-oil sector issues, as well as Caspian Energy MeetUps dedicated to the oil, gas and energy sector,” said Gadirov.

Gadirov also added that CEO MeetUp Prague, which will be the first of these series of events and will be dedicated to the discussion of ICT sector issues, will be held on August 23.

More than 100 representatives of state institutions, as well as diplomatic and international missions accredited in the Czechia, as well as top managers of state and private companies from the countries of the Caspian, Black Sea, and Baltic regions, are expected to participate in the MeetUp. 

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The main purpose of the meeting will be the discussion of the development of information technologies and artificial intelligence in Czechia, the application of innovations, as well as the examination of the opportunities created by the digital age for the members of the Caspian Energy Club, companies and organizations of Azerbaijan and the Czechia.

Gadirov noted that during the CEO Breakfast and CEO Lunch events, Caspian Energy Club members will be able to promote their businesses, establish business relations, discuss their problems and put forward their proposals.

Caspian Energy Club is a dynamic and developing regional organization uniting more than 5000 companies from 50 countries of the world. The main goal of Caspian Energy Club, an active participant in the business-government dialogue, is to improve the investment and business environment in Azerbaijan and other countries where Caspian Energy Club operates, as well as stimulating dialogues in B2G, B2B and B2C formats and actively participating in them.

Caspian Energy Club, an international platform for business networking, regularly organizes various events. Caspian Energy Club, headquartered in Baku, has official representative offices in Turkey, Georgia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, the Czech Republic, Israel, Germany, Poland, Slovakia, and the UAE, as well as authorized representatives in various countries around the world.

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