Charles Bridge Construction Started 663 Years Ago Today

Charles Bridge, named after Emperor Charles IV, started its construction about 663 years ago. The entire construction was completed at the beginning of the 15th century.

The Emperor himself first laid its foundation stone, and it supposedly happened in the morning at 5:31 am.  Charles IV also believed that this building would bring happiness to its people.

In palindromic terms, this time can be numerated as a sequence of ascending and descending odd numbers (135797531). These numbers are carved on the Old Town Bridge Tower.

In addition to this sequence, time was also chosen with respect to the position of the planets – all of the known planets were above the Sunset, which was Lion’s ascendant sign, the Heraldic symbol of the Kingdom of Bohemia. According to the legend, bridge builders added the egg mortar.

Researchers from the Prague University of Chemical Technology, however, refuted this theory as they found that the so-called Roman mortar was used as a material instead.

The bridge replaced the old Judith Bridge (1158-1172) that had been destroyed by a flood in 1342. Due to floods that occurred consequently, parts of Charles Bridge was also heavily damaged such as a few statues and pillars that fell into the river. Repairs took a few years and cost about 665,000 crowns.

Charles Bridge along with its rich history became one of the most visited, most beautiful, and most valued monuments in Prague.

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