Apr 01, 2024

Cherry Blossoms & Samurai: Hanami Festival Takes Over Prague

A festival of Japanese culture called Hanami: Cherry Blossom Festival will be held in the centre of Prague at Klam-Gallas Palace on Saturday, 20 April.

The festivities will include a Japanese tea ceremony, martial arts and archery, Japanese calligraphy and stencil drawing, kimonos, and much more.

For those interested in participating, there will be open competitions for the best traditional kimono, cosplay, and haiku with multiple prizes. And towards the end of the evening there will be a Japanese-inspired fire performance.

The festival will also include cosplay contests, a sword-cutting competition, Tameshigiri taikai, and the degustastion of Japanese street food and beer with sakura leaves.

Admission to the festival is free, but a voluntary donation of any amount is welcome.

On the same day, preceding the main program will be a procession of samurai in historical battle attire. At 12:00, they will gather on Wenceslas Square, from where they will then march along the main streets to Klam-Gallas Palace.

Among the Japanese dishes on the menu are Gyoza dumplings, ramen, Okonomiyaki-style beef burgers, and sushi. To sweeten up, delicious macarons from the UwU Bakery, and the highly popular beer ice cream from Angelato.

Hanami is an ancient Japanese tradition that dates back to the 8th Century. The essence of the festival is the contemplation of the flowering of sakur (cherry blossom), and appreciation of its transient beauty.


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