Jan 07, 2024

City of Change: The Main Development Projects to Watch in 2024

In 2024, Prague City is set to undergo a remarkable transformation with a flurry of development projects that span brownfields, historic landmarks, and green areas.


Negrelli Viaduct’s Arch Revitalization

One of the significant projects in motion is the reconstruction of the Negrelli Viaduct, a historic railway bridge connecting New Town, Karlín, and Holešovice. Approval has been granted to repurpose the viaduct’s arches, with the first one set to host cafes, shops, and offices. The innovative use of this space aims to breathe new life into the structure, and a city information center is slated to open in spring 2024.

Savarin Palace

The iconic Savarin Palace, near Wenceslas Square, is undergoing a transformation into a commercial complex. The project encompasses the restoration of the palace and its connecting passages, to introduce a mix of commercial and office spaces, alongside public amenities like gardens, cafes, and restaurants by 2024.

Masaryk Railway Station’s Expansion

The Masaryk Railway Station is poised for a substantial makeover, with an estimated cost of 3.39 billion crowns. The ambitious project involves expanding the station from seven to nine tracks and building a new pedestrian platform connecting Florenc and the station.

Žižkov Freight Station’s

The redevelopment of Žižkov Freight Station, one of Prague’s largest brownfields, is set to reintroduce residential life to the area. Led by the Central Group, the project aims to open the first residential block in mid-2024, part of a larger plan to construct 2,500 apartments. Developers like Penta Real Estate, Sekyra Group, and Finep are also seeking building permits, while the city explores purchasing the historic freight station from Czech Railways.

Rohan Island

Sekyra Group and J&T Real Estate are collaborating on the development of Rohanský Island. The mixed-use project includes around 1,000 apartments, offices, and retail spaces. The first phase is scheduled to commence in 2024, distinguishing the quarters as Rohan City and Nový Rohan.

Prague 9’s Construction Hub

Prague 9 is witnessing a construction boom, with the Tesla Hloubětín project by Central Group leading the way. This extensive residential project on a former radio and television manufacturing plant brownfield aims to create over 2,500 apartments by 2030. Penta Real Estate and other developers are also planning significant projects in the area.

Vítězné Square

Vítězné Square, affectionately known as Kulaťák, is set for a major facelift with the Victoria Palace project by Penta Real Estate and Kaprain. The project will introduce residential, commercial, and retail spaces, reshaping the square’s landscape in 2024.

Šárka’s Residential Renaissance

Crestyl Group plans to transform the former Aritma industrial area near Šárka forest into a new residential quarter. Envisioned as a mix of villas, apartments, a kindergarten, and retail spaces, this development aims to enhance living options in Prague 6.

City Housing Initiatives

Prague Development Company, under the city council, is gearing up for new projects in 2024. In Prague 5, plans include a six-story residential building with 56 city rental apartments and retail spaces, strategically located between V Botanice Street and Matoušova, near the renowned brutalist bank building designed by architect Karel Prager.

Infrastructure Focus: Prague Bridges

The city’s commitment to improving infrastructure continues, with the anticipated completion of the Branický Railway Bridge in 2024. Additionally, progress is expected in the reconstruction of the Barrandov Bridge following the proposed construction stage mergers.

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