May 09, 2024

Weather Forecasts: Cloudy Weekend Ahead, Rain Arrives on Monday

The Czech Republic can expect a mostly cloudy weekend with highs reaching 22°C, according to the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute.

However, skies will clear significantly compared to the previous week, marking a shift towards more typical spring weather.

Thursday and Friday nights will be the last with a chance of frost on the ground, with temperatures dipping as low as 3°C in some areas. Expect highs ranging from 16°C to 20°C, with slightly cooler temperatures in the mountains.

Friday will follow a similar pattern, with clear skies in the southeast gradually giving way to cloud cover in the northwest. Light rain showers are possible during the day, but clouds will diminish in the evening. Daytime highs will climb to 17-21°C.

Saturday will see the most significant cloud cover, particularly in the northeastern of the country. Scattered showers are also a possibility in this area. Temperatures will remain pleasant, with highs reaching 18-22°C, although slightly cooler in the northeast (16-19°C).

Sunday will be very similar to Saturday, with mostly cloudy skies and a chance of isolated showers. The good news is that rain is expected to taper off throughout the day, and clouds will start to break up.

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Overnight lows will be slightly milder, ranging from 12°C to 8°C. Highs will remain comfortable at 17-21°C.

While the weekend offers a chance to enjoy pleasant spring temperatures, residents should be prepared for a shift towards wetter weather starting Monday. The forecast predicts rain and the possibility of thunderstorms throughout the week.


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