Jan 24, 2024

Construction of Prague’s Vltava Philharmonic Hall to Start in 2027

The Vltava Philharmonic is moving one step closer to realization. The authors of the winning design of the future Prague landmark, the Danish studio Bjarke Ingels Group, are finalizing a detailed study.

The architects will come to Prague to present the new visualizations. “Hundreds of top experts from the Czech Republic and all over the world are working on it, and the result will be detailed documentation that will be used as a basis for design work,” explains Martin Krupauer, head of the Vltava Philharmonic project team, who is managing the project for the capital.

The project includes, for example, more green space, but the changes have also affected the main hall.

“Studio BIG was very sensitive to all the suggestions and comments we received during the participation and professional workshops. Based on these, the central idea ‘from the river to the roof’ was developed even further,” Krupauer says.

It will be located near the Vltavska metro station in Prague’s Holešovice district, and is meant to be more than just a venue for classical music. It will serve as a cultural center and meeting space.

The building will be home to the Czech Philharmonic, the FOK Prague Symphony Orchestra and the Music Department of the Prague Municipal Library.

In the next few years, project documentation for the building permit needs to be drawn up.

The Vltava Philharmonic construction starts in 2027 and is expected to take four years. It will open to the public in 2032.


The new philharmonic seat should accommodate three halls – a concert hall for 1,800 people, a smaller one for 500 visitors, and a multi-purpose hall for other genres and events housing up to 700 people. The building should be open daily and offer some cafes and restaurants.

The Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) studio is represented in Copenhagen, London, New York, Barcelona and Shenzhen. It brings together not only expert architects, but also designers, engineers, and theoreticians focused on architecture, urbanism, research, and development of structures.

Established in Copenhagen in 2005 by architect Bjarke Ingels is reputed for its pioneering technologies and unorthodox ideas.



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