Mar 22, 2024

Czech Football Coach Gets Record Eight-Month Punishment for Racism

Petr Rada, the coach of Prague Dukla (the second league), has been given a record eight-month sentence by the disciplinary committee for a racist insult.

In addition, he will pay a fine of CZK 80,000.

Rada, who used to coach the Czech national football team, cannot attend Dukla’s matches until the end of the autumn season.

The unprecedented punishment comes in response to Rada’s racist remarks during the second league match against Zbrojovka Brno, in which he called Zbrojovka’s coach Tomáš Polach a “desperate gypsy” (“ty zoufalej cikáne”).

Rada joined Jablonec as manager in October 2003 and led the team to the final of the 2006–07 Czech Cup, where they lost against Sparta Prague. After nearly four years at the club, Rada decided to leave the club in 2007.

In 2009, he was sacked as coach of the Czech Republic national team and returned to coaching in 2010 as the new coach of FC Slovan Liberec. In June 2011, it was announced he was returning to coach FK Teplice for his third spell.

Rada became manager of Slavia Prague in 2012. He left Slavia in April 2013 with the club in eighth place in the league, with five matches of the season remaining.

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