Jul 23, 2023

Czech Government Expected to Remain Neutral on Proposed Changes to Gay Partnerships

The Czech Government is expected to take a neutral stance on proposed changes to gay partnerships.

The People’s Party has suggested an amendment to the Registered Partnership Act, aiming to grant homosexual partners similar property and social rights as married couples.

However, the amendment does not address parental rights, which is a concern raised in the government’s preliminary opinion.

Government legislators see the amendment as a step towards equality for LGBT+ individuals, but they believe it falls short as it doesn’t fully equate marriage and civil partnerships.

The Pirate Minister’s drafted opinion highlights the differentiation between the two institutions. The Pirates advocate for same-sex couples to have the option to marry.

The People’s Party amendment fails to address certain mutual rights and obligations shared by spouses and does not encompass all necessary changes to other laws for equalizing partnership and marriage.

However, the drafters argue that the changes would significantly strengthen the rights of cohabiting partners and institutionalize same-sex unions.

Under the proposed amendment, same-sex couples would enter into a civil partnership, similar to a civil marriage, with amendments to various laws to address property and social rights.

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These changes include joint insolvency proceedings, joint membership in a housing cooperative, entitlement to a widow’s or widower’s pension, and compensation and death benefits for partners in specific situations.

The People’s draft will be discussed by the Government before its first reading in Parliament.

Additionally, a separate proposal to legalize marriage for homosexuals and constitutionally protect marriage between a man and a woman is under consideration for the second reading in the Chamber of Deputies, expected in November.

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