Mar 20, 2024

Czech Government Wants to Allow Other EU Citizens to Become Police Members

Czechia wants to make it possible for other European Union citizens to become members of the police and other security forces.

The proposal to make this change has been put forward by the Ministry of Interior of Czechia, with the aim of diversifying the police and security forces members. However, not everyone is eligible to apply.

In line with the proposal, only EU/EEA citizens who have been legally residing in Czechia for a minimum period of three years and who are proficient in the Czech language will be eligible to apply to become police and other security officers members.

Citizens of other EU and EEA countries will also be able to become members of the security forces if they have lived in the Czech Republic for at least three years and speak the Czech language.

However, the Ministry has emphasized that the change in the rules will not extend to intelligence services. This is because the country wants to maintain strict requirements for these roles, Česká Justice explains.

In case the proposal is approved, the applicants need to prove that they have no criminal records in their country of origin.

The aim of the amendment is to modernize the law, which has undergone only a minimum of significant changes since its adoption, and thus to simplify its application in practice.

The authorities have further explained that certain positions may be reserved for Czech citizens only. Directors of the police and other security forces will be able to determine which roles can be filled by foreigners.

On the other hand, for some other positions, it will be needed to obtain Czech citizenship.

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