Apr 23, 2024

Czech Groceries Up in April, Except for Eggs and Sugar

The Czech Statistical Office (CZSO) reported that most staple foods monitored in April increased in price compared to March.

The price of apples climbed the most, rising 9.07% to 37.28 crowns per kilogram. Plain wheat flour also saw a significant increase of 7.04%, reaching 21.14 crowns per kilogram.

Year-on-year data from the CZSO shows some items even became more expensive. For instance, potatoes, which cost 21.98 crowns per kilogram in April 2023, rose to 27.42 crowns this year, a hike of 24.75%.

Out of the 13 items tracked by the CZSO, nine saw price increases in April compared to March. A cup of plain yogurt went up by exactly 3% to 10.66 crowns, while a kilogram of frozen edamame beans reached 180.95 crowns. Roast pork increased by 3.22% to 180.42 crowns per kilogram.

Small price bumps of 1-2% were also seen for potatoes, light bottled beer, sugar, and butter. Interestingly, while edam cheese, yogurt, flour, and sugar were more expensive compared to March, their prices actually decreased year-on-year.

On the other hand, eggs became cheaper month-on-month in April, dropping around 5% to 43.62 crowns per dozen.

Their price also decreased significantly year-on-year, by more than a quarter. Sugar prices saw a steeper decline of 18.39% compared to last year, and semi-skimmed milk dropped 14.27% to 23.85 crowns per liter. Only five items on the list increased in price in April compared to the previous year.

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Potatoes were followed closely by beer, which became 5% more expensive. Slight price hikes were also observed for roast pork, apples, and butter.

Looking at broader price trends, data from March by the CZSO shows that industrial producer prices remained flat year-on-year. In contrast, agricultural prices fell by 13.2%, construction work prices rose by 1.6%, and business service prices increased by 4.1%.

On a month-on-month basis, agricultural producer prices rose 3.2%, construction work prices rose 0.3%, market service prices rose 0.7%, while industrial producer prices dipped slightly by 0.1%.

Analysts believe this trend suggests consumer inflation is unlikely to pick up again soon. However, they predict it may slow down the pace of decreasing food prices in the coming months.

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