Dec 06, 2023

Czech Hand-Made Glass Production Added to UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List

Czech glassmakers, celebrated for their craftsmanship with whistle, glass cutters, and engravers, have secured a remarkable success.

The timeless art of handmade glass production, still practiced by numerous glassworks and studios across the Czech Republic, has been officially recognized and listed on the UNESCO Intangible Heritage List.

The move was made at a UNESCO meeting currently taking place in Botswana.

The nomination was a collaborative effort prepared by six countries, including Czechia, France, Finland, Germany, Hungary, and Spain.

Milada Valečková, director of the Museum of Glass and Jewellery in Jablonec nad Nisou, emphasized, “This includes everything from the selection of glassmaking sand, the production of raw materials, to various techniques of manual glass processing, encompassing cutting, painting, and the crafting of winding beads.”

With this success, the Czech Republic now boasts nine entries on the prestigious list of intangible cultural heritage. Among these are the Hlinecko region masopust (carnival), the slovácký verbuňk dance, falconry, the South Bohemian Ride of the Kings tradition, glass-blown Christmas beads from the Podkrkonoší region (added in 2020), and the most recent addition in the previous year—rafting.

Valečková highlighted the pivotal role of Petr Nový, chief curator of the Jablonec Museum, for his knowledge and perseverance, ensuring a comprehensive representation of various processes within glass production.

The historic occasion was commemorated with the cutting of a large cake shaped like the national flag of Botswana, a fitting tribute to the location where the Czech Republic’s success was sealed.

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