Czech Lawyers Launch New Website to Assist Foreigners, Entrepreneurs and Companies

Jana Sedláková

You would normally see them in courtrooms where they stand against each other and fight for each of their clients. But these are not common times.

A group of leading Czech and Slovak lawyers launched the free online project “Právo v roušce”, designed to help residents, private entrepreneurs and legal entities in these times of crisis.

It contains instructions, tips, sample statements, and other useful legal information that may come in handy during the state of emergency. The web portal is divided into the following categories:

  • trade relations
  • labor law
  • taxes
  • compensation for damage
  • bankruptcy and debts
  • tenders
  • medical law
  • migration legislation
  • domestic violence
  • family law

The authors of the project at the same time reminded entrepreneurs that they have the right to demand compensation from the state for the rent of commercial space that they were forced to close due to quarantine.

“Even for us lawyers, it is often difficult to keep up with all the daily changes. People often need to solve unexpected problems, and very quickly. For many of them, however, the services of lawyers are now unavailable, whether financially or logistically.  Everyone should help as they can. This is how we can do it,” says Jana Sedláková from the law firm SEDLAKOVA LEGAL sro, who came up with the idea.

Twelve other law firms quickly responded to her call, including PURE Legal, INPARTNERS GROUP, Urbasek & Partners, AK eLegal, 3 LAWYERS, VAŠÍČEK.LAW, MT Legal, B.Right Attorneys, ROSE LEGAL, KROUPAHELÁN, Mikuláš Vargic, SCHIN & MAJDÚCH and MONEUS tax office.

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