Jul 04, 2024

Czech Military Aid to Ukraine From Army Stores Reaches CZK 6.75 billion

The Czech Defence Ministry said on Wednesday that the country donated equipment from its army storage, including aircraft and ammunition, worth CZK 6.75 billion to Ukraine as of the end of May.

Czechia has so far sent eight aircraft, including two this year. Supplies also included 94,860 artillery ammunition, including 10,000 this year.

Previous supplies include 62 tanks, 131 infantry fighting vehicles, 26 chemical reconnaissance vehicles, 16 pieces of air defence vehicles, 13 howitzers, 12 multiple rocket launchers, and various ammunition and small arms.

The Czechs have been among the staunch backers of Ukraine and the first to send heavy equipment soon after Russia’s full invasion started in February 2022.

Apart from donating from their army storage, they have arranged much larger supplies of heavy equipment and ammunition with funding from allies and Ukraine itself.

This includes half a million of artillery shells to be delivered under the so-called Czech initiative this year, or hundreds of pieces of heavy equipment including tanks.

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The government last week approved a $37 million national contribution to the Czech-led artillery ammunition scheme.

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