Dec 27, 2023

Czech Police Investigate 50 Crimes in Connection with University Shooting

Czech police are currently investigating more than 50 reported crimes or misdemeanours by various people in connection with Thursday’s shooting at Charles University’s Faculty of Arts in Prague, a police spokesperson told the Czech News Agency on Wednesday.

These messages are primarily found on social media platforms, comprising posts and comments.

“We are currently addressing over five dozen distinct posts across the country, mostly on social media. They typically involve the dissemination of disturbing messages, threats, or endorsement of criminal offenses. On December 25 alone, Prague’s criminal investigators documented seven new cases of threats (‘now it’s my turn’ and similar expressions) or approval of the shooting at the Faculty of Philosophy at Charles University.

‘The vast majority of these individuals have already been identified,” the police stated.

One person posted an image of a rifle on social media with the caption “Now it’s my turn.” When confronted by the police – who charged him with violating the law against ‘violence against a group of persons’ – he promptly issued an apology post.

He claimed it was merely a misguided joke and clarified that the rifle was not real. However, the act of “re-posting” did not absolve him.

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“Such ‘humor’ is highly inappropriate at this time. Let’s consider the feelings of the victims’ relatives,” emphasized law enforcement officials.

Meanwhile, people continued to come to the memorial sites in front of the Faculty of Arts building on Jan Palach Square and to Charles University’s main building, the Karolinum, throughout the Christmas holidays and on Wednesday to light candles and lay flowers.

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