Czech Republic Among Most Attractive Country in the World For Manufacturing

China has reclaimed top spot in real estate services firm Cushman & Wakefield’s global ranking of the most attractive markets for manufacturing, confirming its status as the sector’s powerhouse. Lithuania is ranked as the world’s second-most attractive destination for manufacturers, a result of having the lowest European labour costs in Europe, standing at 14% below Poland and approximately 30% below Slovakia.

The Czech Republic is the eighth most attractive country in the world for manufacturing. Whilst labour costs have increased in recent years, they are still below those further west. Historical ties to Germany and Austria, the region (particularly Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Poland) has maintained its role as a lower cost location for car manufacturing, which continues to integrate a growing degree of automation

Cushman & Wakefield’s “Manufacturing Risk Index 2018” report ranks countries based on a range of risk and cost factors, including political and economic risk, market conditions and labour costs, to provide a comprehensive assessment of the attractiveness of 42 countries worldwide.

Here’s the full report

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