Feb 13, 2024

Czech Republic Records Warmest Start to February in Over a Century

The Czech Republic has experienced an unprecedented surge in temperatures, recording its warmest start to February in over a century.

According to the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute (ČHMÚ), select stations saw an average temperature of 6.7°C in the first decade of February, a stark contrast to the nation’s coldest February on record in 1929, when temperatures plummeted to -15.4°C.

However, meteorologists urge caution when interpreting this average. It only includes stations with at least 100 years of data, typically located at lower altitudes. Newer stations, particularly those at higher elevations or in mountains, are excluded due to shorter data gaps or inconsistencies.

Despite this caveat, the past week has seen numerous daily temperature records shattered. Notably, a quarter of the 165 stations operational for at least 30 years saw new highs for February 9th, followed by a third setting records on Saturday, February 10th. Remarkably, three locations even climbed above 15°C.

Sunday night brought another wave of warmth, with the vast majority of stations recording their warmest February night ever. Temperatures mainly ranged between 6 and 11°C, even in traditionally frosty areas, ensuring no frost settled anywhere in the country.

The above-average daytime temperatures are set to continue this week, reaching highs of 12°C. However, a shift is expected by midweek, with nights turning freezing and raising the possibility of ice and frost in some areas.

This unusual warmth raises concerns about the potential impact on ecosystems and agriculture, particularly as it follows a record-breaking warm January. Continued monitoring and analysis are crucial to understand the broader implications of this extraordinary weather event.

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