Aug 29, 2023

“Czech Republic to Support Ukraine Until its Victory”, Says Minister of Foreign Affairs

The Czech Republic will support Ukraine on the path towards achieving peace which is possible only on Ukrainian terms and principles of international law.

“A peaceful solution can be achieved only with the participation of Ukraine and according to its rules. The Czech Republic supports Ukraine’s 10-point peace plan. We also offered help in filling it,” Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic Jan Lipavský said at a joint press conference with his Ukrainian counterpart Dmytro Kuleba in Prague.

Lipavský assured his colleague that the Czech Republic would continue to support and provide assistance to Ukraine until its victory in the war unleashed by Russia.

He emphasized that it is impossible to make any concessions, if this would mean a violation of international law, it is impossible to exchange peace for any part of the sovereign territory of Ukraine.

“Our only defense against Russian imperialism is active support for Ukraine, support for its accession to NATO and the EU,” said the head of the Czech diplomacy, adding that Ukraine must fulfill the necessary conditions and carry out the necessary reforms to join the EU.

The ministers discussed the situation in Ukraine, the possibilities of ending the war, and coordinated international efforts.

In particular, the diplomats touched upon the preparations for the second Parliamentary Summit of the International Crimea Platform, which will be held in Prague on October 24, and the Forum for Ukraine which is also planned to be held in Prague as part of Forum 2000 in October.

“The Czech Republic wants to show with these actions that it is a stable and reliable partner of Ukraine,” Lipavský noted.

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