Feb 21, 2024

Czech Republic Welcomes 1,300 Ukrainians Weekly

Around 1,300 Ukrainian refugees arrive in the Czech Republic each week, seeking safety from the ongoing conflict.

While many have found employment, experts highlight a troubling trend: 61% are working in jobs below their skill level.

Human Rights Commissioner Klára Laurenčíková revealed that over 382,000 Ukrainians fled to the Czech Republic since the war started.

An impressive 120,000 are already contributing to the economy, but concerns arise due to the underemployment issue. Laurenčíková stresses the need for improved language education and faster recognition of foreign qualifications to bridge the skill gap.

While most refugees have secured rental housing, a vulnerable group still lives in emergency shelters. Magdaléna Faltová from the Association for Integration and Migration emphasizes the importance of integrating refugees into the social support system to prevent hardship.

A program launching mid-year will offer financial assistance for deposits and furnishing apartments, helping refugees transition from shelters to permanent housing. However, challenges persist in finding stable housing, impacting employment, education, and overall well-being.

Ajhmal Khybari, head of the Czech UNHCR office, acknowledges the government’s efforts and emphasizes the need for continued support during global crises.

The Czech Republic plans to introduce a national refugee plan this year, joining 11 other countries.

A budget of $1.1 billion is needed to meet the needs of all participating nations, underlining the immense humanitarian effort.

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