Feb 21, 2024

Czech Skier Fined, Loses Pass for Skiing Drunk on Italian Slope

A Czech skier who indulged in excessive alcohol on the slopes of Valtellina (Italy) faces a hefty fine and a revoked ski pass.

The incident, which occurred on February 17th, was recently reported by the Sondrio police headquarters.

Local personnel dedicated to mountain safety and rescue were called to assist a skier who repeatedly fell on the notorious “autostrada” slope (“highway”).

Upon reaching the individual, officers found him slumped and visibly intoxicated, exhibiting glazed eyes, a strong smell of alcohol, and difficulty communicating.

He was then escorted to the station for an alcohol test, which confirmed a blood alcohol level (BAC) significantly exceeding the legal limit of 2.02 g/l.

The officers fined the Czech man, who was in Livigno on holiday, for violation of the law regulating the activity and practice of sports on ski slopes: in this case, it provides for an administrative fine of up to 1,000 euros.

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